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The Panasonic Digital Super Hybrid Systems—KX-TD1232, KX-TD816 and KX-TD308—provide
advanced features and ease of operation.

To make sure that your telecommunication system operates as economically as possible, consider
these highlights:

•          Toll Restriction. Have several levels of access, allowing some members of your organization
totally unrestricted outgoing calls, others access to limited to certain area codes, and others
complete long distance and/or local restriction.          

  •  Automatic Route Selection. The Super Hybrid System can reduce long distance costs by
automatically routing outgoing calls to the most cost-efficient long distance carrier within your

•          The optional DISA feature gives you the ability to make long distance calls from outside the
office through your internal system, giving you greater control over your long distance
Panasonic's Digital Super Hybrid Systems represent the most advanced telecommunications
systems available for your business needs. Working in conjunction with Panasonic's KX-T7700 or
KX-T7400 series phones, your desktop communications capabilities are greatly expanded.

•          You will have the power of the XDP, or eXtra Device Port (KX-T7400 series phones only).
A single line device such as a modem or fax machine can be plugged into the XDP, effectively
doubling the number of extensions that can function simultaneously.          

•          The KX-T7431, KX-T7453, KX-T7456, KX-T7730 and KX-T7735 Panasonic phones provide
readouts for detailed Caller ID or phone list information display—invaluable to personnel.          

 •          Advanced Voice Messaging Services offer numerous ways to receive messages.          

•          Uniform Call Distribution distributes calls to an operator or agent group.          

•          Automatic Route Selection chooses the most efficient route for each call.          
Panasonic offers proprietary wireless phones, the KX-T7885, KX-TD7894and KX-T7895.

          •  Antenna can be mounted remotely, allowing for the best possible reception.          

•          Benefit from 12 lines on the KX-T7885.          

•          Save desk space with the built-in intercom on the KX-TD7890.          

Take control of your local and long distance calling with station message detail recording, which
helps you supervise employees through a printed record of outgoing and/or incoming calls from
every extension. Panalog Call Accounting Software is an optional call accounting software
package that collects the station message detail recording information and allows you to create
concise, specific reports.

Manage telephone expenses more efficiently by identifying both incoming and outgoing calls with
account codes, for billing purposes. The account code will print out when you use the station
message detail recording (SMDR) feature.

XDP "eXtra Device Port"
The XDP jack, available on all Panasonic 7200 and 7400 series phones. The XDP instantly
expands your desktop communications by adding an analog port for a cordless telephone (Leave
your desk and never miss a call) or a fax machine (send a fax and talk to your customer  
simultaneously when programmed as a separate extension).  

Other valuable features include:

 •       Uniform Call Distribution. Systematically distributes calls among a group of operators or
sales agents. When all lines are busy, outside callers receive a single message for the entire group.
During extremely busy periods, the system will route overflow calls to another group of extensions
based on a preprogrammed timetable.          

•          Automatic Route Selection. Can help reduce long distance charges by automatically
routing calls to the most cost-effective long distance carrier in your network. Selection can be
preprogrammed to switch carriers based on time of day, day of week and call destination

•        Computer Telephony Integration. Allows the
KX-TD1232 and KX-TD816 to link to a Local
Area Network (LAN) for unprecedented call management capability. Now computer files with
background and important information can be automatically displayed to sales agents, service
departments, doctor's assistants, etc., when a customer calls.          

•   Caller ID. Compatibility allows you to see the caller's name and phone number displayed on
your Panasonic system display phone.          

Panasonic Voice Processing Systems (
TVS-95, TVS-125, TVS-225, TVS-325 ) seamlessly integrate
with the Panasonic Digital Super Hybrid Systems to provide you with.

           •  Live Call Screening. Listen to messages as they are being recorded in your mailbox and
pick up if the call is important.          

•      Two Way Record is the one touch way to record a conversation.          

•          Voice mail          

          •   Auto attendant functions          

   •  An interview service for incoming calls, allowing callers select options via the
touch-pad. Their responses will be recorded.          

Voice Processing Systems
The KX-TVS95 voice processing system manages your communications efficiently, in both the
business and home environment. You can combine the
KX-TVS95 with our KX-TA624 advanced
hybrid telephone system to enjoy more personal phone features that are unique to Panasonic

Our voice processing system allows for flexibility among many different users. The auto attendant
feature answers incoming calls, and routes them to the appropriate department or extension. The
KX-TVS95 supports 32 separate, password-protected voice mailboxes that can store up to 100
messages each. Outbound greetings, Caller ID and call retrieval are among the many features that
can be adjusted for each individual extension.

Each extension can record up to 3 different outbound greetings for general delivery, after hours
use, and when you're busy on another call. You can also program the voice processing system to
play back up to 20 custom greetings for thoughtful holiday service, programmed to play only on
those specific days.

The Caller ID personal greeting feature lets you assign up to 4 additional outbound greetings to
specific telephone numbers.

The KX-TVS95 can notify you of incoming calls in several different ways. Many of these methods
can be combined, to ensure you never miss a valuable incoming call.

•          One button direct mailbox access lets you retrieve new messages simply by pressing the
MESSAGE WAITING key. Similarly, callers will enjoy one-button convenience in accessing
department extensions, announcements or other system features through the custom service

•          Fax detection automatically transfers a fax call with CNG tones to the designated fax

•       For optimum efficiency, the
KX-TVS95 offers enhanced message notification, which will
deliver your messages in any of the following ways:         

•         The message lamp on your extension will light.*         

           •          You can be reached at a predetermined telephone number.         

•          Your pager will notify you to check your mailbox.         

           •          Your pager will display the number of your incoming call.         


Don't miss another call
One of the many frustrations of being away from your extension is the fear of missing a call. The
following are additional messaging features you'll find especially useful when you're away:

 •       Intercom paging uses either an internal or external paging function to announce an    
incoming call, even if you don't answer your extension. You can answer the call from anywhere
within the system by dialing a pickup code.          

•          You can set a covering extension to answer calls when you're out of the office.          

   •        Forward/copy message can be programmed to automatically move or copy a message, if it
hasn't been retrieved after a specified period of time.          

 •      External message delivery lets you deliver a prerecorded message at a specific time and date.
If the specified number is busy, the KX-TVS95 will redial up to 15 times. For added security, you
can also program a delivery password, so only your intended party receives the message         

Screening features
Your time is too valuable to be taken up with phone calls you don't want or need. Interview service
lets you set up a mailbox specifically for the purpose of "conducting" interviews and collecting
caller responses for up to ten preprogrammed interview questions. In addition, our voice processing
system offers many screening features that will help put you in command of your incoming calls.

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