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Building, Adding Office Space or Moving?

A telecommunications system retrofit can be far more complicated than installing a new
cabling system.
Planning for a retrofit installation involves a multitude of tasks that must be completed before
you even begin to remove or install cable. Determined by the scope and design of the cabling
installation, each retrofit requires you to address a unique set of circumstances. Some retrofits
involve a simple expansion of a phone system or a data network. Others may involve voice and
data systems, paging systems, surveillance systems and an upgrade to the backbone or
horizontal-cabling infrastructure.
Usually, customers have already developed an idea of what they want in a retrofit
Coastline Communications remains dedicated to providing customers with expert system
planning and retrofit advice that will meet your specific needs as well as your ideas

Coastline Communications will prioritize handling system moves and scheduling, keeping
your best interest in mind

Imagine this: You're moving. Your phone system is down. Your customers can't reach you at
your old number. They can't reach you at your new number. They can't reach you at all. No
calls. No faxes.
This is a customer service nightmare. When you can reestablish contact with your customers,
you'll have to address their frustration.  
It's also a marketing nightmare. Your customers need products or services but can't reach
you. It's the kind of easily exploitable weakness hungry competitors dream of.
That's why, when your business is expanding or relocating, it is essential that you always
remember your number one priority: to serve your customers.
They want the same thing from you that you want from your telecommunications system:
reliable, uninterrupted service.

This is why
Coastline Communications have spent long nights and weekends making sure
that you don't lose the respect and reliability you have earned from your customers or clients.

We schedule to meet your needs

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