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This is one of our  favorite pan tilt
zoom cameras. It is a Sony SNC RZ30   
Click on the image above and try out
the demo (be patient it is in New York
and takes a little while to load)once
loaded click the control tab and you
will be controlling a camera mounted
on the Sony building in New York

Now more than ever, surveillance of all your company locations is a necessity. Video
surveillance systems help protect your assets and give your staff a feeling of added
security. And in the event of a crime, surveillance data could be used by law
enforcement to catch the perpetrator. We engineer custom solutions. Both
hardware and software-based systems are available.
A new trend has emerged in home construction as well. Now, more than ever, people
are installing closed circuit video surveillance systems in their homes
allowing them to monitor the pool, front door, nursery, or any other area in or
around their home.
When coupled with a video distribution system, any camera on your property can be
monitored from any television in the house.
Cameras can be mounted virtually anywhere and range in size from several inches
long to models that mount discretely in a tiny hole in the wall. Cameras can also be
mounted covertly in everyday items such as clocks, children's toys, and lamps
A surveillance system can be integrated with your computer so that you can view real
time video from your home anywhere on earth over the Internet.
We at
Coastline Communications understand this need and have the experience
and expertise to  install video security systems discreetly or non discreetly as your
need may warrant.

Cameras come in many different styles

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Video Surveillance Systems