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Coastline Communications can assist you in designing an on site public paging system that will best suit your
needs. Since 1987, Coastline has installed over 100 overhead paging systems for our customers in office, retail,
industrial, and manufacturing.   

OSHA requires loudspeaker paging for safety!
In large businesses, paging is the ONLY way to provide instant and concise direction for emergencies.  Either by voice
announcements or tones over speakers, communicate warnings and provide clear evacuation directions in the event of:

Chemical Spills
Toxic Gas Releases
Armed Intruders
An immediate loudspeaker paging announcement can save computer systems from virus attacks.
"Attention all computer uses: do not, REPEAT, do not open any E-mails.  We are under a virus attack.  Log off the
network until further notice!"

Save Time!  Save Money!  Save Orders!
Find people fast when not at their desk
Reduce expensive long distance callbacks
Reduce stress and improves productivity with Background Music
Announce special in-store sales

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